iot design shop

IoT Design Shop make things, more specifically Internet of Things products, for their clients. They’re a team of designers and engineers who are driven to constantly create using bleeding-edge technology, and there’s nothing they enjoy more than an extremely challenging problem to solve! Their work includes all kinds of connected devices from wearables to indoor location systems.

Their Maker skills: mechanical design, 3D printing, CNC milling, injection moulding, electronics design and the development of firmware, Apps (iOS, Android, and web), and cloud services.

Their Maker services: feasibility studies, rapid prototyping, proof of concept development, preparation for mass manufacturing, manufacturing support, project management, branding support, GTM, and general business strategy.

This year IoT is unveiling a brand-spankin'-new toy at VMMF -so new, in fact, that they haven't told us exactly what it is!