Craft Lipstick

Craft Lipstick creates innovative and fun DIY lipstick-making kits so that anyone can create their own personalized natural lipsticks at home. Their goal is to show people how easy and cost-effective it is to make their own natural beauty products at home. They were fed up with always buying the wrong lipstick color, and pouring literally thousands of dollars down the drain. Plus, they didn’t like what was in their lipsticks…crushed beetles?! Ew! So they tested formulas, researched colors and lipstick molds….and TA DA! Created a line of kits and products to easily make professional-looking lipsticks at home. Craft Lipstick had the pleasure of filming Dragon's Den in Toronto last month; the show will go to air in the upcoming season.

Drop by the Craft Lipstick booth to catch a demonstration of how to make customized, natural lipsticks using their simple kit, which lets users create professional-looking lipstick bullets, ready to be inserted into a lipstick tube. This lipstick making device can also be used to re-create your current collection of unused lipsticks into brand new shades!

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