Maximus Trest: Ultra Cardboard Pinball & Greeting Card DJ

Maximus Trest: Ultra Cardboard Pinball & Greeting Card DJ

Young Maker Max Trest loves all things tech, engineering, history, and more! He's bringing a couple of his projects to Maker Faire Vancouver, including a couple that he's spent most of his summer working on:

Ultra Cardboard Pinball:
Ultra Cardboard pinball is a custom-made, kid-sized, completely modular pinball machine. The machine is built out of cardboard, plastic cups, and other materials, and features LED lighting. There are two stock games, but by swapping out the title and placing anything you want on the machine, you can make any type of pinball game and then rearrange the parts for an unlimited combination of games. Max even ripped out two audio chips so that the sound and music can be customized for each game!

Fully Automated LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Candy Machine:
The candy machine dispenses two different types of candy and uses sensors to detect and dispense candy when a user puts their hands in front of the machine. There is also a really cool rotating sign on top that syncs to the type of candy that the person picks.

RC Truck:
Max took apart an RC car and turned it into a cardboard RC truck. The truck is like a mini version of a Japanese Dekotora truck, which is a decorated tech art type truck. The RC truck max made is lit up, has a spinning disco ball at the back, an alien stuffy as the driver, and a cow stuffy in the back.

Max has been featured in Peace Arch News,, was interviewed by a TV crew for a Japanese TV show on the TV Tokyo network, and has won an Inventor of the Week competition.

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